About Us

Learn about the principles and practices governing the operations of Saxonberg Associates

Saxonberg Associates was founded on the fundamental idea that the purchasing of a product is a complex process. This process becomes increasingly more complex as the value and uniqueness of the product increases. The latter realization, that as a product’s uniqueness increases its purchase becomes more complex, is the need that we serve. We provide consumers with the information they need on niche products across different sectors that empowers them during the purchasing process.

Our commitment to quality is met through two main staples: implementing the best and most contemporary practices in the information sciences and keeping our information current and pertinent to the needs of consumers in any of the many sectors we cover. Finally our information is unbiased and only to inform we are not in the business of selling products nor are we in the business of reviewing products. We only report information related to products in order to aide consumer decision making.

Our team of engineers, researchers, and writers are our best and most valuable asset. Saxonberg Associates and the information we produce is a culmination of the work of our staff and our commitment to quality.